What Will Your Garden Grow?

What will your garden grow?

Cold weather is finally blanketing the Harvest Farm Community Garden. Not such a great time for working in your plot – especially with the precipitation that sometimes comes along with temps near freezing. So what’s a gardener to do?
Actually, this is the time for planning your 2016 garden from spring plantings to fall. Browsing seed catalogs or online seed sources is informative – and a time for dreaming about what your garden will grow this year. Try something different; plant an herb if you’ve never done so before or a new variety of the veggie you love.
And don’t neglect your tools. Now is a good time to check them over. Clean them if they need it and lubricate the moving parts of tools such as pruners. Check handles to ensure they’re not broken or cracked. Wipe surfaces of shovels, trowels, garden claws and similar tools with a bit of oil to prevent rust. Just a few minutes’ care will amply reward you with tools that last and work easily.
– Carol Hassell