Guidelines for Gardeners

Whether you are new or a returning gardener at Harvest Farm Community Garden, you will want to review our gardening guidelines. Please remember we adhere to organic and sustainable principles. Natural insect and pest control methods, herbicides and fertilizers are acceptable; synthetic substances and products are not.

The most effective pest deterrents start with your vigilance in keeping your veggie plants healthy so they can withstand problems on their own, and in keeping your plot free of weeds and harboring debris such as dead leaves and stems.

When possible, select vegetable cultivars that are disease and pest resistant. Then, an effective control for many veggie varieties, including all cucurbits such as cucumber and melons; along with potatoes; beans and others, is floating row cover. This gauze-like fabric, that reduces available sunlight only by about 5 percent, is placed on supports and anchored to form a little tunnel just over your row of newly planted seedlings. Row cover is readily available from online gardening sources or from many retail gardening centers. The fabric protects young plants from destructive pests. Remove the row cover as the plants develop blooms to allow adequate pollination.

But, even with these strategies, you may need more intensive approaches. Future articles will identify suitable substances for use in your community garden plot.

Enjoy your garden!

-Carol Hassell