Volunteer Opportunities

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Harvest Farm, photo by Natasha Fullard

Harvest Farm seeks to foster volunteerism among our members, by serving in the garden and in our community.  Our garden is maintained by volunteers, which  helps to keep our operating costs down and to further engage our gardeners.  We serve our surrounding community by donating produce from the garden and non-perishable items to food banks, as well as collecting toiletries, coats and blankets in winter, and other needed supplies.  Each gardener must complete 12 hours of annual service to the garden.  There are multiple opportunities you can take advantage of to fulfill these hours.  Some current opportunities include:

• One of the long-term plans on the master plan for White Street Park is to plant an orchard in the south pasture (on the opposite side of the park from the garden).  The Managing Board has been working for several months with local landscape architect and Suwanee resident, Roger Grant, to develop some initial concepts.  These concepts were presented to the City Council on October 10th and they have given the Managing Board the “green light” to proceed with developing a single, refined concept for the project.  We are now forming a work group who will collaborate with Roger and the Board to develop this concept plan.  Our hope is to receive final approval from the City Council in order to begin planting in spring 2014.  We are seeking garden and community volunteers to assist with this project.  We will likely meet 1-2 times per month over the next 6-9 months.  Garden volunteers will received credit towards their annual required service to the garden for serving on this committee.  To sign up or receive more details, please contact Jessica Roth at 770-904-2789 or jroth@suwanee.com.

• We have regular Saturday garden work days on the first Saturday of each month during the growing season. They begin at 8:00 am and typically conclude around 10:00. The work varies depending on current needs of the garden, but typically includes routine maintenance projects.  For future dates, please check the events calendar.  

• If you’re not able to attend a garden work day, you may perform any of the following maintenance items on your own time:

Composter:  cut up anything longer than 3″; throw away any non-composting items
Tool Closet:  organize tool closet, making sure all tools are properly stored; clean any dirty tools
Chalk/Cork Walls:  clean chalk board walls; remove any outdated notices from the corkboards
Ant Control:  kill ants in the common areas (not plots), using DE from the tool closet
Weed:  hand pull weeds from any of the common areas

• As part of our 2012 charitable giving campaign, we collected approximately 225 cans and boxes of non-perishable food, which was donated to the Food Service Ministry of Duluth. This group operates a food pantry and serves meals to the homeless. Thank you to everyone who participated in this effort!